Nicholas Coffee Co.
Greetings and WELCOME to the Nicholas Coffee website ! I'm Nick Nicholas alongside my son's Jordan and Corey Nicholas and on behalf of our entire staff, we GREATLY appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us and to indulge in
Pittsburgh's BEST "PERK" ...
...Nicholas Coffee !
Many times when visitors go to an "About Us" page such as this one...they tend to glance over it quickly. We invite you,however, to read this entire page carefully, for 2 reasons.
Reason #1 ? We have a history that we would like to briefly share with you.The Nicholas family has put nearly 100 years of devoted sweat and sacrifice in to what is now known as perhaps the WORLD'S Greatest Coffee. We are so VERY proud of our heritage and success, and we'd like to share a small portion of the journey with you.
Reason # 2 ? We are THOROUGHLY convinced that if you DO read this page, and you are one who has not yet had the privilege of indulging in our perfectly roasted coffee's, you will be compelled to do so, and will NEVER BUY COFFEE ANYWHERE ELSE...EVER AGAIN !
Do you think we're just a bit..."CONFIDENT" ?
Well..."confidence" is just one of attributes that can be associated with the Nicholas family "way of doing things" !
Our story is one of those TRADITION RICH stories that begins with proud men and women from other countries who had  DREAMS of coming to America and providing for their families and PROSPERING !  Our story in America began in 1919 when Grandpap Nicholas opened the first Nicholas Coffee location in the spot where the PPG Plaza now sits. My father eventually took over the operation, and with incredible pride and determination, he weathered storms such as the Great Depression, and a catastrophic fire in 1950's.The company was thriving when the fire hit and then all of the sudden Nicholas Coffee was faced with adversity. However,not wanting to miss a beat, he bought the building where we currently reside, in the heart of Market Square, and the roasting and the growth continued ! My father was a DRIVEN and brilliant businessman. He built a GREAT company. Eventually I took the reigns, and along with my son, we shoulder the responsibility of carrying on the tradition of EXCELLENCE which was the nucleus on which this company was built.
And this is something I DON'T take lightly.
My name and that of my father and grandfather are attached to this business. For nearly 100 years, the Nicholas family has strived to bring you the absolute BEST Roasted Coffee Perfection ! And...... we have. I can assure you that the next 100 years will be NO DIFFERENT ! It's a promise I made, and a promise I will KEEP ! The growth and success of this company over recent years has been gratifying and rewarding,and the BIGGEST reward of available to YOU...
Isn't that why you are here ?? Whatever brought you to this site...whether it was one of our ads, a search on the internet...or somebody telling you about us....
Well....allow us to make this as simple as we can ! As we stated earlier, we are EXTREMELY confident that if you try our coffee just one will NEVER BUY COFFEE ANYWHERE ELSE...EVER AGAIN ! And on top of'll save a LOT of your money !
What makes Nicholas Coffee so SUPERIOR ?
It's our specialized, unique roasting method, combined with the fact that our beans arrive STRAIGHT FROM THE WORLD'S RICHEST COFFEE FIELDS ! There is NO MIDDLE MAN ! No one.....NOBODY touches...roasts...cures...flavors or does ANYTHING to the coffee...prior to it arriving here in Pittsburgh. The beans are still GREEN when they get here. You probably thought coffee beans were always brown, didn't you. Well...most places you see them...they are. That's because they've been tampered with already. But NOT HERE ! We get them as PURE as they can be...THEN.....they get NICHOLIZED ! The process we use is a Thermalo process...which ROASTS the doesn't BAKE them. There is a HUGE difference ! And...that difference is immediately noticed once you smell the aroma and TASTE the RICHNESS of our PERFECTLY ROASTED PERFECTION !
Folks....the Nicholas family politely challenges you to find a better tasting roasted coffee.Go out and try other coffees. Make your best cup at home. Then...follow the rich aroma to the heart of Market Square and try OUR coffee !
We offer free samples all the time ! You will LOVE our retail outlet. We offer our coffee in a retail WHOLESALE PRICES !
Question ?
WHY.......WHY are you going to those fancy coffee places...and spending $3.00 and $4.00 for their overrated and often burnt coffee...when you can have what some people say is the WORLD'S BEST and FRESHEST coffee...Nicholas Coffee......for about .75....yes.....about 75 cents a cup... ????
How 'bout this. Make plans to grab your friends or family...and come down to Market Square and see and taste for yourself.
Since 1919,we've been Pittsburgh's ORIGINAL COFFEE roasters ! We have BY FAR... the LARGEST selection of coffee's AND Tea's anywhere in this part of the country ! The Market Square store is staffed by EXTREMELY friendly, knowledgeable Pittsburgher's, who will bend over backwards to make sure your visit is DELICIOUS and enjoyable ! Sample and purchase the BEST coffee you'll ever have ! Tea's...cappuccino...over 100 different variety's and AMAZING FLAVORS ! If you are in to the " flavored coffee " you MUST go to our PRODUCTS page...and see all the ORIGINAL and Taste Tantalizing flavors we have ! You'll find flavors that you simply WON'T find ANYWHERE else !! And...our retail location is a store that is ALSO different from anything else around the area. SEE the Roasters we use ! Browse through the selections of coffee's....tea' and tea related products and accessories...nuts......and.....FRESH ROASTED PEANUTS ! We sell a TON of fresh roasted peanuts.Yep...we roast them right here...and you have NOT had fresh roasted peanuts...till you've had the ones available to you at Nicholas Coffee in the heart of Market Square. Make sure you click on the Products and Services link...and make sure you take the tour by clicking on the " Take The Tour/Photo Gallery link.
Then...come SEE us ! Once you will NEVER shop for coffee anywhere else.The days of waiting for Maxwell House to go on sale at your local grocery store...are OVER !  The days of driving to a fancy...over priced - over rated coffee house...are OVER ! The days of wondering why the coffee you make at home...never tastes as good as what you have when you are OVER !  The coffee you will make at home...will be SO MUCH better than ANY COFFEE YOU'VE EVER HAD ! We'll show you how to make the PERFECT cup of home or office...for about 75 cents a cup !
There's a lot of reasons to be proud that you are a Pittsburgher.There are many perks associated with living in Pittsburgh.
Are you ready to experience Pittsburgh's BEST " PERK " ??
Follow the aroma to the heart of Market Square and then Pour Yourself a Cup of Fresh Roasted PERFECTION !
We look forward to meeting you...and we look forward to
EXCEEDING your expectations !
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